The First French Distributor

Looking after yourself often begins with a visit to your family physician and to your neighborhood pharmacy. You go there for advice and/or to fill a prescription, and you leave with the prescribed medication. Even if your prescription is incomplete, it is guaranteed to be available in the afternoon or the following morning. And such a high level of services is a matter of course.

Have you ever wondered how medications actually get to pharmacies? What needs to happen so that customers can instantly obtain pretty much any health product in France?

This is a valid question, given that 21,000 pharmacies dispense around 6 million types of medication every day in France. However, most people aren’t aware of the supply process that ensures the transit of medication from the laboratory to the pharmacy counter.

This smooth pharmaceutical distribution takes place thanks to the knowledge of wholesale distributors. These companies tend not to have much global visibiity and they work in the background.

OCP is centered at the very heart of health matters

Since its launch in 1924, the Office for Commercial Pharmaceuticals (OCP) has played an essential role in providing access to healthcare for the population of France.

OCP is not only a market leader, with nearly a 32% market share, but also a hub for the distribution of health products in France, thanks to its time served in the industry and well-established history. OCP provides both pharmaceutical logistics solutions and innovative health services, making the company the essential link and collaborative intermediary between laboratories and pharmacists. This means that, thanks to OCP, labs and pharmacies can play their role in the health sector to serve their patients. 

Since 2014, the company has been part of the international McKesson Group, benefiting from their additional expertise. This leading national drug distribution network is recognized as the oldest and most well-established healthcare company in the United States.

Every day, OCP works with you and, for you, to help provide better health solutions.


pharmaceutical stocks


market share in 2018 and a 6-billion-euro turnover

dispensing and hospital pharmacies
pharmaceutical establishments throughout France

2 millions

million products sold and delivered every day

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