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Do you have a set-up or consolidation project? If so, find out more about INITIO

INITIO - for easier set-up


We can predict the demographics of practicing pharmacists over the next ten years with relative ease. A third of professionals in practice will retire since they currently have an average age of over 50. Pharmacy acquisitions are destined to multiply as a new generation takes over. However, any set-up opportunities often come up against the barrier of financing the project. To acquire a pharmacy, the person in charge must be able to contribute a minimum of 20% to 30% of the sale price.

To help young pharmacists get established across the country, OCP offers a financing solution for new pharmacies. This is called INITIO and supports future pharmacy purchasers in buying their business by putting down a security deposit with a partner bank (LCL/Interfimo). Therefore, new pharmacists who wish to start up a business can double their personal contribution if desired. The offer also applies to groups of pharmacists and dispensary groups.

With OCP’s INITIO financing offer, the company’s sales teams and financial management advisers are available to assist pharmacists on their journey.

OCP doesn’t get directly involved in managing the pharmacy and every pharmacist remains fully independent.

Accélérez la réalisation de votre projet

Sécurisez la vente et l'activité de votre officine

Apport personnel¹ X2 avec la caution d'OCP²

Prêt complémentaire in fine de 5 ans, partenariat avec LCL ou Interfimo

Our clients' testimonials

“Banks have full assurance since OCP knows the pharmacy sector very well and only backs the most robust business prospects. With OCP and INITIO, I saved at least 10 years of my time, which is how long it would have taken me to save €130,000! »
M. Benhassoun
Pharmacist in Villiers-le-Bel (95)
Everything happened so quickly. It only took two months from submitting my proposal to its acceptance. The OCP teams were very quick to respond and supported me from start to finish, and even visited the pharmacy's site to make sure it was viable. All this happened at the height of the summer! This was a real help for this project because the previous owner wanted to sell as soon as possible.”
Aurore Stuart
Pharmacist in Les Arcs-sur-Argens (83)

Businesss set-up events

Are you looking to set up a pharmacy business? Join us for an upcoming event!

Spend an evening talking to the key regional people who will be involved in your set-up project (accountants, pharmacy transaction specialists, geomarketing research institutes, partner groups, etc.) and find out about financing solutions that are ideal for your project.

(1) Maximum €300,000 – (2) Part of a distribution contract – (3) Offer subject to conditions

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