Special offers

Get the best deals when buying generic drugs

The journey to better health care has led to the promotion of the generic drugs market, which has almost doubled in ten years, leading to over 450 million additional items.

OCP offers a complete range of generics, with returnable and non-returnable generic drugs. We also specialize in complementary services that help pharmacists to purchases generics with maximum efficiency.

Generic drug laboratories deliver their products to our National Re-Distribution Center (NRDC). This means we guarantee the maximum availability of generics for you and your patients. Therefore, more prescriptions can be issued, leading to increased customer loyalty and a better patient service!

No. 1 distributor of generic drugs in France (32% market share)

More than 5,500 stock items available

Access to stocks from 10 laboratories producing generic drugs

No. 1 distributor of generic drugs in France (32% market share)

More than 5,500 stock items available

Access to stocks from 10 laboratories producing generic drugs

We also offer our customers very favorable long-term deals, starting from the first returnable generic items ordered, and including competitive annual offers for non-returnable generics.

Finally, to make the most of managing generic drug purchases, why not benefit from G-Labo, a service that means you purchase exclusively from 3 laboratories of your choice.

  • Product avalibilty
  • Profitabiity
  • Your trade partners

Benefit from great discounts with 'Les Incontournables' - offers you can't refuse

To help with your purchasing, OCP has grouped all our promotional offers for medical devices, over-the-counter drugs (family medication) and general pharmacy products into one catalog. This is available quarterly and lists over 10,000 stocked products from around sixty partner laboratories.
You’ll also find a selection of medical items covering five key market segments (orthopedics, venous compressions, care and wound healing, clinical nutrition and incontinence).

“Les Incontournables” ensures you’ll benefit from the most competitive discounts and offers tailored to your needs!

Essentially, there are three types of offers:

  • Quarterly offers on seasonal products,
  • Annual non-binding offers to meet daily needs,
  • Annual subscription offers to meet wider needs.

You can place orders as and when you need to or even in small batches without the risk of products being out of stock. Order using our web link, PharmaML or by phone.

We also have practical forms for specific products (medical dressings, orthopedic ranges, clinical nutrition, etc.) to help you provide the best care for your patients.

DEAL: a tailor-made solution for groups

Thanks to DEAL (a system for the economical distribution of purchases from laboratories), members of a group can benefit from specific offers negotiated with a laboratory. This means you make the most of your purchasing and stock, benefitting from quick delivery. Invoices list net prices, helping you to better manage your cashflow.

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