Services dedicated to pharmacies

Working with you and for you, OCP develops a solution for every stage of your pharmacy's journey

OCP supports you right through your projects by offering tailored services for each key stage.

From business set-up to any potential sell-off, we’ll meet all your needs to shape your journey during the lifetime of your pharmacy.

Making your pharmacy an attractive and profitable health center, and helping you to be innovative to benefit patient services:

Together, we’ll build your future-proof pharmacy!

Decide on the concept and organization of your pharmacy now to work out which services will best suit your needs.

Quickly discover your ideal services combination


OCP’s digital platform helps you to gain the competitive edge, thanks to its fully-fledged functionalities:

  • Order your products in just 1 click and benefit from the best prices,
  • Maximize the potential of your pharmacy’s performance,
  • Easily organize your team management.

Our management services and core business

Profit monitoring, Colipass, e-documents …

Simplify your daily life with OCP’s services.

Our training services

Learn new skills through our comprehensive training service. Choose the training format that best suits your pharmacy as a company (face-to-face, e-learning or video training) and take on new challenges!

Financial solutions

Would you like to set up in business? Perhaps you’d like to grow your business. Or maybe sell?

Find out more about the services OCP has to offer, tailored to suit for each stage of your professional journey.

Our e-services

With e-documents and our Demat Pack … Find all more about our digital services to increase your daily and overall efficiency!

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