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OCP Training

Build on your skills with OCP training

OCP training is an independent training organization and is authorized to provide Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We will support your pharmacists and teams on your learning journey.

Take a look at our complete training catalog. Our expert trainers can train you face-to-face or remotely and tailor training packages to your needs: Fore example, core business training, new pharmacist projects, pharmacy management, etc.

We base our training concept on continuing professional development: Our goal is to meet the needs and expectations of pharmacists and to assist on your path to business developments!

Therefore, we offer you factual and practical training on your new strategies and prrojects covering:

  • One-to-one conversations at the pharmacy with patients undergoing chemotherapy for oral cancer – new for 2021
  • Emergency dispensing at the pharmacy – new for 2021
  • Vaccinations given by pharmacists at the pharmacy: the anti-flu vaccine
  • Sore throat, tonsillitis: Rapid diagnostic tests (TROD) in practice. The why and the how?
  • Carrying out COVID-19 antigen tests at the pharmacy

In 2020, given the health crisis, OCP TRAINING has taken a flexible approach to supporting you and has launched a new traning program with VISIOS Training. This has been very successful with more than 500 people trained!

In 2021, we are going to revise and extend this program to cover more areas.

Choose the way you learn to suit your company and meet your needs:

The advantages of face-to-face training

  • Live interaction with a pharmacy training expert
  • Diverse training programs offered (on core and specific business areas)
  • Administrative procedures simplified

12 CPD programs and over 500 internships offered each year

Training tailored to your needs

500 internships set up throughout France

1 day in small groups

Participants and trainers share experiences

A practical approach to comments that add value when dispensing prescriptions

The advantages of virtual training

  • Live online training by an expert trainer, involving discussions, with questions and answers
  • Interactive online sessions with 3 x 2-hour sessions from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. scheduled on a specific date
  • Tailored training to suit your pharmacy’s working methods

Custom training programs

Live training with an expert trainer supported by various media (e.g. video and slide presentations)

Groups of 20 participants

Short and interactive modules

Accessible no matter where you are

The advantages of e-learning

  • An fun and interactive approach with many case studies
  • A dedicated online space for your training and all supporting documents and media
  • A flexible set-up to suit the working methods of your pharmacy

Over 50 different types of training and 14 CPD programs

Training packages that you can complete as and when you wish

Start your training and pause your progress to resume when convenient

Short and interactive modules

Personal support

Accessible 24/7

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