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Laboratory solutions

All our laboratory solutions

OCP works with over 700 laboratories so we’re very familiar with their working methods, their problems, and their needs. Building on this expertise, if laboratories would like to partner with OCP, we offer:

  • Maximal product visibility in pharmacies,
  • Refined knowledge of the market and customer needs,
  • Product promotions within pharmacies,
  • Support for pharmacists in advising patients.

These practical and functional solutions are divided into four areas:

Logistics solutions

Ensuring rapid and regular delivery of drugs to pharmacies.

Data solutions

Through data analysis or “data mining”, we can help you to hone marketing campaigns to target pharmacies, retaining or even or winning new customers.

Pharmaceutical marketing solutions

Developing sales, promoting products and training pharmacy teams remotely.

Patient solutions

Helping pharmacists to optimize their dispensing and with communicating the right messages to patients.

Working with you and for you as a leading player in pharmaceutical distribution, OCP develops solutions to connect laboratories, pharmacists and patients.

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