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Hospital Services

Services tailored to the needs of healthcare centers

OCP Hospital is the first partner for healthcare centers to offer daily deliveries. With a whole range of practical and functional services on offer, OCP Hospital strives to meet the precise needs of hospital pharmacies and their internal partners in the industry. We’ve set up access to Clickadoc, the first French pharmaceutical informational database approved by the HAS (French National Authority for Health), which lists nearly 440,000 products. Transporting parcels between hospitals and town or city pharmacies, orders can be dispatched even in small batches (according to the minimum order) when ordered online via My OCP H or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Orders are confirmed by email.

Product codes are aggregated and serialized, which is another new service. This just goes to show that we have an in-depth knowledge of the hospital environment and are willing and able to innovate.

Deliveries arrive within less than 24 hours and are dropped off once or twice a day from Monday to Saturday. This means that OCP Hospital customers don’t have to spend time managing stock. Therefore, the timing and quantities of orders meets the needs of patients in healthcare centers.

OCP hospital can manage all or part of your stock. The benefits include a flexible, profitable and space-saving service to manage your resources.

To meet the requirements for Continuous Professional Development (CPD) within hospitals, OCP Hospital also offers pharmacists and their teams training through internships or e-learning. This is provided by OCP Training.


This is a digital platform dedicated to hospital pharmacies. Why not make your daily life so much easier and place your orders in just a few clicks!

Dedicated call center

We offer a specialist customer service call center to answer all requests and enquiries from OCP Hospital customers.

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